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Glass Pitcher of Life - F007 Ultra Replacement Filter

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  • Ultra-Efficient, Multiple-Stage Filtration. Advanced Double System of Super Fine Filters that remove contaminants & particles of rust, silt & sand, while allowing healthy alkaline minerals like magnesium & calcium to pass through with LARGEST CAPACITY of any Alkaline Water Pitcher = 1500 cups/360 Liters/96 gallons per Advance Filter
  • Advanced Technologies utilize Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) to remove Heavy Metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
  • Also removes chloramines, dangerous chlorine & addresses fluoride. Increases the pH, alkalinity, of the drinking water, and also reduces the -ORP for additional health benefits
  • This specially treated water provides more absorbable alkaline minerals & trace elements for a healthier drinking water. All this is possible by Utilizing an Advanced and Super-Efficient mixture of multiple blends of healthy materials
  • Optional State-of-the-Art Ultra-Filtration (UF) Filter is an advanced filter system that removes the smallest particle from the water for those who want the ultimate filtration. Note: this will slow the water flow of your Pitcher of Life, so be patient to receive the benefits of Super Filtration
  • Provide your Family with purified, filtered, alkaline mineral drinking water with our replacement filters for your new Glass Pitcher of Life alkaline water filtration system
  • This is an Ultrafilter for very fine particulate filtration.  It is designed to remove 99% of unwanted traces from your drinking water and because of this, it will be slow compared to the regular filter. 
  • Remember that our filters use Food-Grade, BPA-Free materials and they are National Sanitation (NSF) Approved, Water Quality Association (WQA) Approved, SGS Certified so you know they are of the Highest Quality. Our High-Quality replacement filters come in single packs and money-saving 3-packs