Warranty Form

Life Sciences Global Corporation, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, herein referred to as the "Manufacturer," extends a Lifetime Warranty (the "Warranty") specifically addressing manufacturing defects, excluding normal wear and tear, associated with its products.

Warranty Coverage: This Warranty covers defects arising from materials and workmanship related to Manufacturer's products.

Claim Procedure: To initiate a warranty claim for covered issues, please send an email to the following address: cev@earthtrade.com.

Exclusions: This Warranty explicitly excludes coverage for damages or problems resulting from normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, unauthorized alterations, or any circumstances unrelated to materials or workmanship defects.

Lifetime Warranty: The term "Lifetime Warranty" herein signifies coverage throughout the product's useful life, as reasonably determined by the Manufacturer.

This Warranty is subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including potential restrictions tied to geographic locations or product-specific terms and conditions. The Manufacturer retains the right to evaluate and confirm the validity of all warranty claims per its established policies and procedures.

By availing themselves of this Warranty, customers agree to its terms and conditions. Any disputes or concerns regarding this Warranty shall be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts, consistent with applicable laws.

This document constitutes the comprehensive and exclusive statement of Life Sciences Global Corporation's Warranty, superseding all prior or contemporaneous understandings, representations, and agreements. Amendments to this Warranty may only be made in writing by Life Sciences Global Corporation.

Life Sciences Global Corporation
Carlsbad, California
Contact Information: cev@earthtrade.com