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Pitcher of Life ® Alkaline Water Filters was founded in 2012 by the Founder of Life Ionizers.  He felt there was a need to provide his customers with a portable way to purify and alkalize their drinking water.  When they weren’t using their Life Ionizer® at there home, that they could at least receive come of the benefits of alkaline water with anti-oxidants. Whether traveling, on vacation or on a budget, the Pitcher of Life® has benefited over 90,000 Customers. 
Now 9 years later, Pitcher of Life® Alkaline Water Pitcher has now introduced our new Glass Pitcher of Life® Alkaline Water Pitcher.  Remember that Glass Tastes Better™ and Try our New 2021 Model. Larger filters last longer & Filter and Purify your Drinking Water, plus provide an array of Health Benefits
Also check out some of our other new products. From the Glass Life Ionizer Water Bottle to the Life Ionizer Shower Filter