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Borosilicate Glass Pitcher of Life with Bamboo Lid Stainless Steel Underside

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  • GLASS TASTES BETTER & larger Alkaline Water Filter creates 1500 cups per alkaline filter. Remineralization adds alkaline minerals such as calcium & selenium. Filters heavy metals, fluoride, chloramine & chlorine. Provides good-tasting water & removes odor sediment.
  • BREAK RESISTANT BOROSILICATE GLASS with BAMBOO WOOD LID Superior over the previous model by having a stainless steel covering on the underside so it stays sanitary.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - for defects in workmanship. We Build it Better!
  • LARGER A-4 SERIES FILTER for longer-lasting filtered, alkaline water. We also offer money-saving 3-packs of our A-4 Series Alkaline Filters
  • STRONGER LARGER GLASS HANDLE WITH IMPROVED BAMBOO STYLE BASE Our alkaline water GLASS PITCHER OF LIFE is a gravity-fed, non-electric water purifier that makes alkaline, mineral-rich water, with antioxidants. Perfect anytime and especially if the power grid goes down


The pitcher looks very nice and the water tastes amazing! I really like the glass and bamboo look. One minor issue is that the pouring spout is a bit narrow so it can take some time to pour out a lot of filtered water.

This works great, we are really loving it. It is tall, so we leave it on the counter, but we don't want it refrigerated cold. I am so happy to be free of drinking out of plastic. We also purchased glass water bottles.

First off - I love the quality of the glass. The difference in taste from this pitcher, versus my plastic Brita filter, are a night and day difference.

We love the flavor of this water. We’ve purchased expensive glass carafes but this pitcher is more durable and looks amazing on our counter.

We got this pitcher recently and immediately started using it for our drinking and cooking water. I also use it for my teas and coffee and it makes the taste so much better. I mainly bought it for my acid reflux and it has already starting to notice a difference! The price of this was so cost effective and worth it for quality water!


When the blood’s pH gets too high, it is a condition called Alkalosis. The safe pH range for blood is 7.35 – 7.45, if it goes outside that range for very long, it can be life threatening. Some people wonder if, by drinking alkaline water, you can get alkalosis. The answer to that question is no. Alkaline drinking water made by a Pitcher of Life® is designed so that it does not generate a strong enough base (alkali) to overcome the body’s systems for maintaining a balanced pH. So your Borosilicate Glass or BPA-Free Pitcher of Life purifies and generates healthy alkaline-rich mineral water that also has a beneficial antioxidant level to neutralize free radicals and slow down ageing! Start being more healthy today! Choose Quality - Choose Health™

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
suzy e
Very ease of using

This is just what I was looking the nice appearance, too.

Michelle L. Jarvis
Beauty and function

When you first receive the product you will be impressed by the packaging and the high quality, look, and feel of the pitcher. Set up is easy and the water tastes great. I highly recommend this product.

Favorite filter pitcher

Ive tried a few water filter pitchers. This is my favorite. I love the glass (less plastic waste) and it doesnt get moldy like the plastic ones.

crystal brandt
It’s a bit heavy because it’s glass but I love it.

I have hard well water. The filtration is good doesn’t take too long. Very easy to clean. It’s attractive. I leave it out on the counter instead of in the fridge.

Dan the Man
Functional and decorative

We love the flavor of this water. We’ve purchased expensive glass carafes but this pitcher is more durable and looks amazing on our counter.