30,000 Pounds of Toxic Chemicals, per person, in the US

The facts and information here will provide the information and knowledge that will turn your fear into anger. Fear is an emotion that leaves you paralyzed and not able to do much. This will motivate you to turn it into Anger. This will give you the energy and the motivation to act in your and your Family’s defense. Remember it is your responsibility to protect your Family and yourself!

Turn this information and these facts into Action and move forward to keep your Family’s water supply and food as pure as you can.

30,000 Pounds of toxic chemicals, per person, in the USA – between 70,000 and 100,000 different chemicals! You and your Family are exposed to a bus load of chemicals, literally, because a BIG bus weighs about 30,000 pounds. And worse yet, most of these chemicals are manufactured and distributed by greedy CEOs and Companies that could give a darn about the effect their chemicals have on your health! Most of these chemicals have never been tested to see how they effect your health. Remember that the FDA works for the pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies so that they can make big profits. And in turn the FDA officials get great lobbying jobs when they retire from the FDA.

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You and your Family are the guinea pigs for this big global experiment called Free Trade. Global trade agreements such as NAFTA, TPP and others have lead to the weakening of regulatory controls over the last 50 years. This is one of the main reasons that is responsible for the exponential increase in the amount and toxicity of chemicals that we are exposed to each and every day. There is nothing we can legally do to stop it.

The Corporations have access to tribunals that are held in secret. They are called Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) courts, where the Corporations can challenge the environment rules and laws that were Designed to protect us from harm. We, as Citizens, do not have the right to be represented in these secret ISDS courts. And these same ISDS courts can OVERRIDE our laws!

So the knowledge of what products and chemicals to stay away from is VERY USEFUL.

After that, DETOXIFICATION is our only defense.

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Alkaline, antioxidant water is one of the ways to defend our Families and ourselves.

Stay tune for ways that the Pitcher of Life, Life Ionizers and our high-quality filter systems can protect our health!

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