⚠ Would you like to know HOW TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION❓

Do you feel exhausted after light exertion and ordinary tasks? This can be a sign that your arteries are clogging up. Arteries becoming clogged can cause the flow of blood to your lungs to be insufficient to recharge the blood hemoglobin with oxygen. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

⚠ Do you experience shortness of breath?

The fatigue you experience from your heart having to work harder to pump the blood through your heart has other health complications. Most times this exertion is accompanied by a shortness of breath. This is because the overworked heart limits the blood supply to your lungs.

💭 Can ALKALINE WATER help you?

The ability of the blood to absorb oxygen in the lungs is dependent of the pH level. When your blood’s pH level is too low, your blood is not able to release gasses into your lungs and absorb life-giving oxygen. Healthy, mineral-rich  alkaline water may help you maintain your proper blood pH in the optimum range so that it can absorb oxygen. If this works for your body, drink a glass of alkaline water and see if this makes you feel more energetic.

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