Discover the Elevated Excellence of Our Life Sciences Healthy Water Systems

In the ever-evolving landscape of water purification, it is our constant endeavor to offer you solutions that are not just contemporary but far-sighted and reliable. Hence, we are thrilled to introduce you to the innovation at the heart of our new Life Sciences Healthy Alkaline Mineral Water Systems, created in partnership with the reputable Life Water Report water analysis reporting system.

Redefining Water Purification with Enhanced Energizing Features

The inception of these avant-garde systems is rooted in the observable decline in water quality in the United States. A rise in the infiltration of toxic chemicals and contaminants in City Municipal water sources called for a solution far superior to what was available, thus setting the stage for our enhanced water systems. Taking our commitment to health and vitality a step further, our new water systems are adorned with the ancient healing symbol of the “Flower of Life,” a remarkable addition that works to energize your drinking water, enveloping every sip with a touch of rejuvenation. Learn More

Elevated Filtration Capacity

Elevated Filtration Capacity

While our existing Pitcher of Life® filters admirably shoulder the responsibility of reducing toxic elements to a considerable extent, the aspiration was always to forge a pathway to even purer, healthier water. This ambition has culminated in systems that amplify the filtration and purification capacity exponentially, offering 13 to 20 times more efficiency in eliminating undesirables from your water.

Convenience Meets Superior Technology

Our Pitcher of Life® series, embraced by over 113,000 users, has set a benchmark in marrying convenience with quality. These features are carried over and significantly enhanced in our new offerings. We now present systems designed to integrate effortlessly with your water faucet or find a discreet spot under the counter, streamlining your access to alkaline, mineral-rich, and antioxidant-loaded water, generated faster than ever before.

water pitcher with infuser

Experience the Multifaceted New Life Water Pitcher – A Free Bonus!

Taking a leap toward offering you an enriched hydration experience, we are excited to announce that most of our new Life Sciences™ Alkaline Water Systems come with a free bonus – the remarkable New Life Borosilicate Glass Water Pitcher with a Stainless Steel Infuser. This pitcher elevates your water experience, allowing you to indulge in:

  • Infused Herb Water – Enrich your water with delightful flavors, like basil-infused water, bringing a garden-fresh burst of taste with each sip.

  • Coffee Brewed to Perfection – Whether you are a fan of hot or iced coffee, brew it right in your New Life Water Pitcher, promising you a delightful café experience at home.

  • Fruit-Infused Alkaline Water – Think refreshing lemonade or a burst of fruity freshness. Now, create your unique concoctions, iced or hot, right in your alkaline mineral water pitcher, enhancing not just the flavor but infusing health in every drop.

Step into the Future of Healthy Hydration

With a reinforced commitment to quality and health, our new systems invite you to step into a realm where every drop of water is a testament to purity, health, and vitality. Elevate your hydration experience to one of unmatched quality, mineral alkalinity, and antioxidant properties with the Life Sciences Healthy Water Systems.

Find out what’s in your water – go to and find out what the EPA is hiding in your City supplied drinking water.

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