Beware of BVO chemicals in fruit drinks: How do we create healthy fruit and herbal flavored alkaline beverages

In the pursuit of revitalizing and delightful beverages, our inclination often leads us to opt for fruit-infused drinks, especially in the warmer seasons. However, it's imperative to exercise caution regarding our choices, as not all seemingly harmless drinks are as innocent as they seem. One specific ingredient, commonly found in various fruit-flavored drinks, raises red flags concerning its safety – brominated vegetable oil (BVO). This chemical is not a component of your everyday morning orange juice, yet it lurks as a common additive in carbonated orange beverages and fruit-flavored energy drinks.


Understanding BVO and its Health Dangers

BVO functions as a stabilizer, preventing ingredient separation in fruit-flavored drinks. However, it has been associated with potential harm to the nervous system, leading to its prohibition in beverages sold across Europe and Japan. Even in the United States, states like California are considering legislation against the production and sale of BVO drinks.


The Campaign Against BVO

A pivotal moment in addressing BVO concerns occurred in 2012 when a petition on amassed over 200,000 signatures. This brought significant attention to the health risks linked to BVO, compelling numerous brands to eliminate it from their products due to market pressure. Nonetheless, not all brands have followed suit.

The Persistence of BVO

BVO persists, particularly in off-brand products, including store brands and lesser-known regional varieties. These products, often priced attractively, appeal to a broad consumer base, especially those with limited financial means. As food costs rise, consumers unknowingly expose themselves to BVO-related risks by opting for these lesser-known brands.

Surprisingly, it's not exclusive to smaller or off-brand companies; larger corporations such as Keurig Dr Pepper, recognized for Sun Drop, and retail giants like Walmart, featuring products like Orangette and Great Value Fruit Punch, have also been identified as distributors of BVO-laden beverages.

Fruit and Herbal Alkaline Beverages

Crafting Nourishing Fruit and Herbal Alkaline Beverages

In light of these revelations, consumers must make informed choices and prioritize healthy beverage options. Healthful alkaline beverages and toxin-free health drinks are paramount. Alkaline beverages balance pH levels, contributing to overall well-being. Simultaneously, toxin-free health drinks ensure consumers avoid unintentionally ingesting harmful substances.

Creating wholesome fruit and herbal-flavored alkaline beverages isn't just about avoiding harmful ingredients like BVO. It also involves integrating beneficial elements. Utilizing fresh fruits, herbs, and other natural ingredients enhances flavor, nutritional value, and alkalinity, striking a balance between taste and health.

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A Guide to Informed Decision-Making

For those seeking guidance, resources like the Food Scores database offer valuable insights. This database assesses food and drink products based on ingredients, nutrients, and processing concerns. From drink mixes and powdered beverages to sodas and kombucha, the database empowers consumers to make informed consumption decisions. Learn More


While consumers want refreshing and flavorsome beverages is understandable, consumers must remain vigilant about their choices. Opting for healthy alkaline beverages and toxin-free health drinks allows us to relish delicious refreshments without compromising our well-being. Additionally, leveraging resources like the Food Scores database assists consumers in making informed decisions and steering clear of harmful ingredients like BVO.

For those eager to explore healthy beverages further, we encourage you to claim your Free Alkaline Beverage Guide. This guide offers additional insights and tips on creating and enjoying healthful fruit and herbal flavored alkaline beverages. Let’s raise a glass to a healthier and more informed beverage consumption future!

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