Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Really Work?

Yes, alkaline water pitchers really work and they do two important things:
First, remember that people’s primary goal for their drinking water is that any water pitcher filter removes as many contaminants and toxins as possible.
alkaline water pitcher

1. They filter tap water and take out micro-plastics, sediment that can contain Germs, chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals and more. And people who use an Alkaline Water Pitcher want Health Benefits.
2. The Alkaline Water Pitcher’s filter system also raises the alkaline mineral level of the now purified drinking water and also creates antioxidants, which have great health benefits as they neutralize free radicals, which can cause cellular and DNA damage.
So we know that Alkaline Water Pitchers work as Pitcher of Life has been selling them for over 16 years and have sold over 111,000 of them.
To make a point, we have sold over 1,000,000 replacement filters which proves that people love their Pitcher of Life and keep coming back
for more of that healthy, tasty alkaline mineral water.
Pitcher of Life® is proud to announce our new 2022 Glass Pitcher of Life using Borosilicate Glass -think Pyrex®, only better!

alkaline water pitcher

Comes with a beautiful Bamboo lid with a Stainless Steel underside

Visit us at and use Discount Code POL8 for an 8% discount at checkout :)

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I liked the way the water took its time going through the filter, as that means
it is being well filtered. After a week, I could tell the difference from drinking
the alkaline water and I felt good. Gave some to my Dog, and he loved it.
I would recommend this to my Friends

Carina Velasco

I really like my glass pitcher of life! water tastes great and I love the health benefits


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