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Alkaline Water PITCHER OF LIFE® Improved 2023 - Super Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

$39.97 $49.97
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  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN - Life Ionizer is the original innovator in alkaline water pitchers. In this new model, we've improved multiple features to help perfect the pitcher. Our new 3.8-liter pitcher creates an 8.5 to 9.5 pH with a 2-liter filtering capacity
  • ADVANCED FILTER TECHNOLOGY - Superior filter for improved alkalization & antioxidants. 6 Stage Filter Cartridge removes heavy metals, chlorine & other contaminants while adding calcium, magnesium, potassium minerals
  • LONGER-LASTING FILTER - Our long-lasting advanced filters are good for 40 gallons or 60 days. The super jumbo cartridge can pour up to 2536 cups of water with one single filter
  • ENJOY CLEANER DRINKING WATER - Get the benefits of cleaner and purer drinking water. Our advanced filter cleans the water plus the alkalizer will add additional health benefits to your daily drinking water. The Pitcher of Life will provide water with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5 pH, depending upon the tap water's original pH
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We use the highest quality materials so we back them with a lifetime guarantee. The original Super Alkaline Water Filter, we have over 113,000 Pitchers of Life with a goal of bringing better drinking water into your daily life

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sassy Sue
Great pitcher!

I love this pitcher. It gives me clean water that I enjoy drinking.


I loved the filtered taste. However, I was tempted to give them a four star because the pitcher pictured on the box and website gives the illusion that the pitcher comes with a timer to let you know when to change the filter snd it doesn’t.

Jennifer K. Garza
Very happy

Switched from bottled water & love it. Tastes very clean & being alkaline is a plus.

Yields 8.5 pH.

Why is this 30% the price I paid years ago for the 2nd Generation model? Amazing value.

charles Rizzo
Great Tasteing Water

This pitcher produces crisp, clear water. I now can just drink the water without having to add a lemon or lime just to mask the taste. The pitcher itself is solid and very functional. A definite Recco