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Alkaline Water Bottle - 550 mL - with Replaceable Filter

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY BOTTLE Alkaline Water Filter Bottle can reduce bad taste, smell, flavor, chlorine and leaves zero aftertastes.
  • HIGH pH ALKALINE FILTERED WATER, ANYWHERE at the office, while traveling, on holiday, shopping, hiking, gym & playing sports with increased water pH, -ORP, the addition of minerals.
  • pH WATER BOTTLE ALKALINE Transform your water into high pH Alkaline water & antioxidant-enriched. It transfers contaminated water into safe and healthy drinking water & reduces chlorine, bad taste, leaves zero aftertastes & removes any flavor.
  • PORTABLE EASY-TO-HOLD, COMPACT, & EASY-GRIP made from Food Grade BPA Free Plastic.
  • ALKALINE WATER, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME so you will have naturally filtered ionized water at the office, & on holiday. Helping you & your loved ones stay healthy, happy & INVIGORATED
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